Tuesday, 16 October 2012

For the love of SA music

These are my chosen ones...

Thandiswa Mazwai. I dig her even though she's a bit of a weirdo

Zonke Dikana. I just love her and i love her album even more. Sigh...


Lulu Dikana. One of my favourite artists at the moment.

 The Soil. Love, love, love this group. I think i was a talent scout in my previous life. I remember saying that this was gonna be the next big thing in SA and indeed they are.

HHP. The guy is totally powerful on stage. Something about Motswako that just makes me wanna shake my booty...I don't like his latest album though. bleeeehhh...

Tumi and the Volume. I dig them for days

Nothende. I so love this girl. Her latest single, "Remember love" touches a very delicate spot....
Remember love is what got us here, remember love... whoooossssaaahhh

Kabomo. I absolutely dig this guy. he is bloody awesome. His rendition of Sankomota's song, "Papa" left me speechless. If you do not know who or what Sankomota is, clearly you are too young.

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