Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Not for sensitive viewers

The other day i went to a toy store looking for a gift for my friend's child. While I was there, I passed a doll isle which had barbies (obviously), etc. I was pretty amused to see the “black” Barbie. AND THEN I SAW THIS. LOOK CLOSELY AT THE PICTURE. Notice at how this doll has a baby and weave on the side. Oh I also forgot to mention the “SIS”  that is written bigger than the name of the doll itself.

Now look at this picture below. Notice how the “white” Barbie has a scooter. What’s right with this picture? Or am I being too sensitive? What message is “Barbie” sending about black women? Are they saying that all that black women know is just give birth to babies and put on weaves? That may be so for others but what about us hard working young black women that are trying to make it in the corporate world? Don’t we matter? I’m sorry but I was totally disturbed by this.

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