Monday, 15 October 2012

For the love of Hip Hop

Just when you think you know hip hop it surprises you and reminds you why you fell in love with it in the first place. What is the difference between rap and hip hop. Well it’s pretty simple; it’s like saying you love somebody and being in love with somebody. Rap is only a word. To hip hop. I loved you, I still do and I always will. You are the perfect verse to a tight beat. #best lines from my all time favourite movie, Brown Sugar#
These are just some of my favourite hip hop artists... Enjoy. :-)

 He is a legend in his own right. Totally awesome

 Give me common, any day...

I'm still one of those Fugges die-hard fans that are still hoping that they release an album soon.

 Talib is also a little legend, according to me that is

 This boy is also too awesome for words. I see a great future for him

 Mos Def. Everytime i see this man I sing, "Memories don't live like people do..."

 Dead Prez. They are just dope

J Cole. He's not only good but he's also a cutie...

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