Sunday, 14 October 2012

I am a Motswana woman and proud

I listen to the legendary Glen Lewis everymorning on Metro fm but Friday was one of the best shows. He started talking about Tswana women and how stubborn they are. This morning he brought the topic up again by further saying that we have course hair. I couldn't help but laugh my a*# off. Yes we may come across as being "disrespectful" or even "stubborn" to other cultures but I like to say that we are "misunderstood". No we are not "disrespectful" we are just honest and we speak our minds. It is not our problem if you can't handle the truth. So the next time you approach a "Tswana" woman expect nothing less than, "wa reng?" or "keng?" or "gatweng nnare".... I also use those phrases and they are enough to send a punk packing.

That is just my 2cents worth. Use it, don't use it. The choice is yours.

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