Thursday, 11 October 2012

Music and light

I think everybody that knows me will admit that i love music. i listen to all kinds of music ranging from Raggae to soul to hip hop to pop to gospel, you name it. Music makes me happy.

Janelle Monae. Not only do i love her music but i absolutely dig her style.You see what i mean. Effortless

Miss India Arie. Everybody that's in my space knows that i'm a total groupie. I've got all her albums.

Jill Scott. I love her music and loved her even more after Tyler Perry's "Why did i get married"

Lauryn Hill. Takes a deep breath... My heart still breaks everytime i see her. I wish I could meet her just so that i can give her a slap across her cheek for wasting her talent. She could have been the best soul musicians of our time. I still love her music though.

Amy Winehouse. Here's another typical example of wasted talent. RIP

Adele. I guess she is everybody's favourite. Me included.

Solange Knowles. I totally dig this chick's style.

John Legend. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.... He is my husband but he doesn't know it yet.

Tracy Chapman. This woman's music is timeless. That is what musicianship is all about.

Aaaaaahhhhhh Raphael Saadiq. God knows how much i love this man.

Common. Oh my BOO!!!

Pink. I don't think anyone can ever understand why i love Pink so much.

Musiq Soulchild. I am soulful, you are soulful and together we can make a soulchild. uuuhhh ok that didn't really work, let me just stick to my day job.

Anthony Hamilton.

James Morrison. Even though he looks like a kid that lacks vitamins, he is still a bloody good musician. I wonder where he has been all my life.

Bilal. So good and yet so underrated

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